Saturday, 8 June 2013

Keep on running ...

I went running today (it was more like walk-running actually). It was too hot and the sun was trying to give me a beautiful tomato head. So I decided to limit the speed level and give the sun no chance of turning me into a vegetable.

Unfortunately, me - sun: 0 - 1.

Love the nature ...
A trail with no end.

I love running. It makes me feel free. It's an escape from reality, a way to refresh and sort out my mind. I admit that sometimes I want to give up, especially when my legs won't follow. But in the end, I'm always happy that I pushed through.

Oh, hello there!

Lots of love,

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  1. Hey! Ik heb net je comment gelezen op m'n blog :) het is altijd leuk om mensen van België die ook bloggen te leren kennen! Ik heb net je "about" gelezen en ik ben ook gek op Engeland haha!

    Ik moet echt nog eens gaan lopen, maar examens vragen al mijn energie :( Leuke blog heb je trouwens!

    Valérie ♥


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