Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Festival time: Pukkelpop 2013!

Since I have to try to live without internet, and because I have a lot to tell you that can't wait until next weekend, this is my first attempt of a scheduled post. So hopefully this will work.

Pukkelpop is one of the biggest music festivals in Belgium. People come from all over the world to experience the festival as it has lots of international acts like Eminem, Franz Ferdinand, Skunk Anansie, Regina Spektor, Katy B, Major Lazer, James Blake, Fun. and many many more, supplemented with Belgian acts like Triggerfinger.

The festival lasts for three days (14-15-16 August), has up to 8 stages and there are sideshows in case there isn't a band you would like to see. There was also a small stall where you could get a free henna tattoo. I've always wanted one of those! The tattoo you see on the picture is the one of my sister (freshly made).

Festivals need a lot of helping hands: to check the festival straps, to tap beer, to check backpacks and luggage for prohibited items and so on. There are many organizations working towards that goal and I had the opportunity to be part of our school team. I got the chance to work on the festival for 4 days in exchange for free entrance to the festival at the time I didn't had to work, free drinks, breakfast, lunch and dinner and one full day free of work! Excellent deal, right?

What we had to do was checking the festival strips and backpacks and luggage for prohibited items at the entrance of the festival campsite. Besides the fact that I got a really bad cut wound in my hand of a razor blade that was in someone's packpack, I think it wasn't a bad job at all. At night there is a lot of entertainment of drunk people, which is very amusing to see.

I really like the American band Fun. So I was very excited that I had the chance to see them live. And because we went to the stage very early, we could get a place at the front! I was so happy! I also really wanted to see Noisettes, their songs are so catchy! 



In the event of Skunk Anansie, they were throwing cardboard cupholders in the air. I thought it was a really nice effect in the sky, until I got one of those in my eye. I've never seen the first aid post that many times in 4 days, haha! They said I was very lucky that the cardboard didn't hit my eye and that my sight isn't damaged or cloudy. Just a black eye.

Anyway, besides all injuries I collected, I had such a great time and I met so many lovely people in the school team, a lot of new friendships were created. Hopefully I get the chance to accompany the team next year!

And oh yes, I made one new really good friend who helped me with my internet problem. She gave me her netlogin that I can use at the place where I'm staying because she studies in the city where I am doing my internship. This means that from now on I HAVE INTERNET!! Woohoo!



  1. Thank you for such a lovely comment on my blog! I'd love to go to Pukkelpop, a few of my friends have been in previous years and loved it, fab that you got to do it all for free in exchange for doing some work, hope your eye gets better soon though! x

    1. Oh, it would be so cool to see you there! My eye is getting better, thank you. x

  2. This looks so fun(minus the injury) Hope your eye is feeling better!! :)

    1. Thank you Aimee. I am recovering well :) x

  3. Wow, this looks like a simultaneously fun, and painful weekend. Very lovely post & I hope you are feeling better soon! x

    x Leah Symonne x

    & thank you for your lovely comments on my blog :)

    1. Haha, simultaneously fun and painful indeed! Thank you Leah!
      You're welcome :) x

  4. you got a black eye?! my god, my festivals are never that eventful, haha. other than that it seemed like a nice time =P regina spektor is aaaamazing!

    xo marlen
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    1. Normally, I never experience anything, never seen the first aid post before! I needed to catch up with that, I guess. I think I did well, haha.
      Yes, Regina Spektor is amazing, but I couldn't go to her performance because I had to work on that particular moment. She had to stop her act early because of a technical malfunction, which was very sad for her and all her fans.


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