Friday, 25 October 2013

Pizza bread: love of ease

A few weeks ago, I got the idea to make a pizza of a simple round loaf ("Moroccan bread" as we call it). Normally, if we make our own pizzas, we also make our own pizza dough, which always requires a lot of time and work. And because I'm all about quick and easy dishes, I wanted to try to simplify my pizza base.

What you need:

Of course you can decorate your pizza with whatever you want! The variations are endless.

Step 1:
Cut the bread open and cover with sauce.

Step 2:
Add vegetables and anything else you want on your pizza ...

... and finish with grated cheese.

Step 3:
Pop your pizza in a preheated oven at 200° for about 10 minutes.

Sprinkle some oregano, basil and rosemary, and your pizza is ready to eat!

Within 30 minutes we were eating. Ridiculously simple! And I must say, the crust of this pizza is absolutely heavenly!
Do you have other simple and delicious alternatives for a pizza base? Please let me know!



  1. Yum! This sounds so good. I love making pizza everything!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. This sounds so good right now! I often find myself making what I deem to be 'pizza toast' instead of just cheese on toast, add some tomato puree on there and some red onion herbs and maybe some chicken slices.. boom! x

    The Little Things

  3. This looks great! I have never had Moroccan bread before. I make fried dough instead of pizza quite often, as it reminds me of home in New England. Here is my recipe:
    L A

  4. Oooo, this looks really yummy! Simple recipes are my favourites :)

    Lucy x


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