Friday, 8 November 2013

Takeaway leftovers salad

You should know that I'm a huge salad lover. I can devour a whole lettuce at once (and I often do so, oops!).

On Sunday, we celebrated my sister's 25th birthday at home. For the appetizer we needed some lettuce, but a full crop seemed too much. There were also some cherry tomatoes and parsley left. A good reason for me to reserve all leftovers and save them for the next day to make a colourful lunch.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Curly lettuce, lamb's lettuce, ...
Cherry tomatoes
Walnut oil

Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I mixed the lettuce, parsley, cherry tomatoes and olives in a box and poured some walnut oil (mmm, I love the nutty taste of this oil on salads!). My seeds and raisins I took in a separate pot and I added them right before consumption to keep them crunchy and fresh.

The reason why I added some walnut oil, seeds and olives is that they are - apart from being very tasty - high in omega-3 fatty acids which are tremendously healthy for heart and blood vessels. Eliminating fats from your diet is probably the worst thing you can do. We all need fats, good fats, to function well like this quality omega-3 fats!

With my salad, locked in a box, I went to school. The whole morning I was looking forward to that particular moment when I could eat this simple but delicious leftovers salad!

What do you like in your salad? Have you ever tried walnut oil?



  1. That looks like a very healthy meal Sofie! However I think I'd be far too hungry at lunch time for just a salad - I always have sandwiches.

    Lucy x

    1. Yes, I thought so too! But this salad, with quite a lot of seeds and some oil, saturated me for a few hours (until snack-time). I also ate a large apple when I finished my salad, like I always do at lunch time when I'm having sandwiches. You can always add some fish, bread, ... :)

  2. walnut oil sounds amazing!!! I love how you saved all the leftovers :) So smart!


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