Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Standard breakfast: Bread & Green tea

Today, I'll show you what my standard breakfast looks like:

--> 3 slices of bread:     * 1 with coconut oil
                           * 1 with Tahini (sesame paste) + flax seeds
                           * 1 with peanut butter
--> 1 cup of green tea

I'm having my breakfast like this for almost 5 years ... every single day ... except for Sundays. And I'm still not tired of eating!

The bread is homemade by my dad and therefore he always uses spelt flour which I can highly recommend. Why? Well, because spelt - the oldest grain in the world - has nothing but benefits. It is known to be better tolerated than other grains because it is easily digestible. In addition, it is also a source of vitamin E, B, folic acid, and minerals such as iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Still not convinced? Spelt has a beneficial effect in many areas. It is good for rheumatism, cancer, migraine, depression, neuritis, diabetes, obesity, immune diseases and various allergies such as wheat. So this ancient whole grain has nothing but good qualities! So try it if you can!

Since 8 years, we are using coconut oil for cooking and on our bread. The health benefits of this oil should not be underestimated! More on this delicious oil in one of my next posts ...

Tahini is a paste made of sesame. The first time I ate it, I must admit I didn't like the taste that much. But since my parents had bought a big jar right away - and since I have trouble throwing things away - I sacrificed myself to empty the whole jar! Ugh! But after a couple slices of bread, I liked the taste so much that after that first jar immediately a second jar was purchased. And I haven't stopped eating it since! It is also easily digestible and has a lot of health benefits. It is extremely rich in minerals (including calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc and phosphorus), vitamins (A and B), amino acidsessential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), proteins and dietary fibers. The amount of calcium is even higher than in milk!!
I always like to put some flax seeds on top of my tanini-slice of bread. Good for the digestive system.

And then, last but not least, peanut butter! No breakfast is complete without peanut butter!! But I highly recommend you to go for the peanut butter that contains 100% peanuts and so no other additives. Just peanuts, nothing more. A new jar of 100% peanut butter has an oil layer on top (a natural extraction process from the nuts) so you'll have to give it a stir before consumption.

To drink: green tea! The best! Healthy because of its anti-oxidants.

I think my traditional breakfast is not so bad at all and actually quite healthy. But because I'm trying to get more variation into my diet, I will be trying out some new breakfast ideas. You will find out more about them soon ...

Do you also have a standard breakfast? What does that look like?



  1. I love tahin and coconut oil on my spelt bread :) xx

  2. Hi Sofie!

    Thanks so much for leaving down a comment at my blog. Your words of encouragement certainly motivated me a lot. Right now, I am trying to think positive, just like what you said 'If something fails, it doesn't matter, It's okay!' :)

    Once again, Thank you so much! xx


  3. Every day I always have cereal for breakfast. I'm definitely a creature of habit, so I quite like my routines!

    I'd love to have home-made bread every day so I'm very envious of your Dad's baking :)

    Lucy x


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