Friday, 17 January 2014

London Lush haul!

Hello bloggio! (sorry for that)

I hope you're all having a good week! It's almost weekend, yay! Although not for me, because I have to study for my exams, boo! Still 2 more to go: one on Monday and the other on Thursday. 

So today's post will just be a short one in which I'll show you the Lush products that I bought last week when I was on holiday in London.

Before I left for London, I made a list of the products that I really wanted. Normally I always get back home empty handed because I couldn't choose from all the products (yep, story of my life). And then of course I regret not bringing anything! So three cheers for me for making that list!

One thing I really wanted was the Fresh Farmacy cleanser. It's like a pink bar of soap to use on your face. I've been using this every single day from the day I bought it. It does a fantastic job for my skin and leaves it super soft! And oh my goodness, it smells in-cre-di-buuul!

Then I also really wanted one of their gorgeous bars of soap (who can resist those big chuncks of sweet-smelling glory, right). I did some research and this Porridge soap seemed to be perfect for my sensitive skin.

The Angels on Bare Skin is another cleanser for daily use. I actually have to admit that I'd never used a cleanser before. Shame. On. Me. I know! So the reason I bought a second cleanser is 1) I wanted one to use before I go to bed as well; 2) I thought the ingredients (almonds, lavender, chamomile) were very interesting.

And then the last product I bought was the 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion. Another cleanser, ehem. I've run out of excuses I'm afraid. Let's say this one is just a cleanser to use for days that I'm in a hurry + I can store this one longer than the fresh Angels on Bare Skin cleanser. There you have it :)

That's all for now! I'm planning on doing a little review on every product as soon as they have passed the trial phase. Now back to my books!

Have you recently bought any Lush products? I would really like to know! Maybe you can all link me to your latest Lush posts (so I have an excuse to not have to study, mhihihihi).



  1. Love these products!
    I'm your new follower via GFC, hope you can follow back)

  2. I haven't tried many lush products but these look lovely!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  3. i'm dying to try lush products! they seem to be so amazing! i'm your new follower! hope that you can follow me too so that we can keep in touch :)

  4. I really love Lush! I bought some products one week ago for my firend's birthday!
    I follow you on GFC, hope you would follow back

  5. I adore the way youve taken your photos... looks so professional :)

    1. Hahaha, I'm trying :) Thank you very much for the compliment! x

  6. Lush products always look sooo good! unfortunatly I've never tried none of these, but the look soooo nice, and soo pampering!

  7. You picked up some lovely things! I'm a big fan of the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  8. Great products - I hope you had a lovely time in London! :)

  9. this blog look great! i love your themes and recipes :3
    i never nought from lush.. i dunno.. i think i will give it a try with a shampoo maybe..
    anyway im following you via GFC and bloglovin'
    waiting for you

    Alice's Pink Diary
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    Alice's Pink Diary BLOGLOVIN'

  10. I don't buy much from Lush but it always smells amazing! Their Ultrabalm is a lifesaver! Making the list was definitely a good idea. Good luck with your 2 last exams Sofie! :) Rachel x

    Pillar-box Post

  11. Ahhh I absoutely love LUSH, I always feature their products on my blog!
    Your photos are stunning too :)


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