Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My trip to Antwerp (Belgium)

Last Friday, my sister and I went to the opening of a new LUSH store in Antwerp (Belgium). I love LUSH, all their products smell so nice that I wish I could grow them in my garden (now that would be a party!).

Today, I just wanted to share some pictures of Antwerp, a city in Belgium. Antwerp is one of the fashion capitals of Belgium. I always go there (maybe twice a year) to do some serious shopping :) Besides that, Antwerp is also very beautiful with gorgeous buildings, and is also very touristic.

The City hall
Belgian chocolates, Belgian Beers

And then there was the exciting opening of LUSH ...

And of course I bought some gorgeous products in LUSH! How could I ever resist, right. Everything smells so delicious! More about the products I bought in my next post :)

Have you ever been to Antwerp (or Belgium)?



  1. It looks so lovely! It's always been on my list of cities to visit! x

  2. Antwerp looks like such a lovely place, I definitely would like to go to Belgium one day (to try real Belgian chocolate haha):) Lush is also one of my favourite shops, their facemasks are amazing!


  3. i've never been to belgium before and love the way you capture and fun and lovely side of the city - i should definitely visit some time! :)
    Check out my Street Style post at London Fashion Week and share your thoughts! :)
    AL xx
    RASSP blog

  4. growing lush bath products in the garden sounds like a fairy tale -- how lovely would it be to pick a vanilla bath bomb and a lavender soap bar for your morning shower? gorgeous photos of antwerp :)

  5. How exciting! I want to know what you bought there - soaps? What flavors?

    Allison Katelyn @ Http://

  6. Belgium looks incredible! I would love to visit there someday


  7. Antwerp looks so cool, sounds like you had an ace time! I've never been to Belguim but I definitely want to. Love all your recent smoothie and healthy eating tips!xx

  8. Awesome photos! The pictures of Lush are making me crave going back... and soon!


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